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FAQs of clients...
  • What do we do with Virus Software and Definitions?
  1. Do not operate without it and keep the definitions up-to-date!!! 

    I recommend good anti-virus software such as McAffee or eTrust EZ-Antivirus.  Should be less than $50 per year.   Consider eTrust EZ Antivirus.  Good and cheap.  Norton and Trend seem to be problematic from our experience.

(If you are a ATT/SBC Global customer you get McAfee free)

  • What do we do with Anti-Spyware software and updates?
  DO NOT BUY ANTI-SPYWARE PROGRAMS, THE BEST ONES ARE FREE! Until recently I always recommended Spybot Search & Destroy, it may be downloaded free from  
  • What do we do with Ad-Aware software and updates?
  DO NOT BUY ANTI-ADWARE PROGRAMS, THE BEST ONE IS FREE!!!  Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware is the best in my opinion.  Keep it updated.  May also be downloaded from  
  • What do we do with Windows Updates?
  Set you computer to update automatically.  

Note for the above 4 items:

If you use your computer more than 10 hrs. a week I’d suggest running these four items once a week.  If you are absolutely confident your computer automatically does updates you won’t have to worry about checking them.  Your virus software and Windows Updates can be set to fully automatic so that you don’t have to worry about them. The spyware and ad-aware detection programs I recommend are the free versions that have to be done manually, if you purchase the full version they can be automatic.

If you play video games the game hacks are notorious for viruses.

If you download all the cute little search bars you are asking for trouble and will get spy-ware.

Porn will clutter your computer with all kinds of goodies too.


  • What's the worst this I can do with my computer?
  In my opinion the worst thing you can do with your computer is download the toolbars of 3rd party software (Zonga, WebSearch, etc.). Of course porn and games are not the best thing for them either...  
  • When do I defrag and do disk clean up?
  Unless you ad and remove a lot of programs and files (this is not normal) you will only need to defrag every three to six months.  I personally haven’t defragged in a year or so.

Do disk clean up according to how much room you have on your hard drive and when you think about it.  If you’re not running out of room it’s no concern if you don’t get rid of your temporary internet files.

  • How much does a website cost?
  Web sites vary depending on what you need.  Generally they are approximately $200 per year for web hosting and domain name, plus initial development.  Initial development will cost around $750 for a 10 page site plus extra for database programming, eCommerce, photo galleries, etc.  
  • What kind of applications can you make for our business to operate more efficiently?
  We always attempt to use a software package that is already in existence with a proven track record.  Applications such as MS Office, OpenOffice, Quickbooks, and document imaging packages will always be cheaper than redeveloping the wheel.  However, some businesses operate certain processes that require custom application development.  
  • Do I need a new computer?
  Probably not. If your computer is less than five years old and you are like the average user you just need it for internet, email, and photos.  If your business is operating fine with what it has there is probably no need to upgrade.  If you're constantly having to replace hardware and update software, it may be time to upgrade.